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Would You Like Exclusive Access To Over 70+ Hours Of Live Trade Examples & Coaching For Only $1?
You No Longer Have To Do The Heavy Lifting -- 
Sweating Bullets Over Your Next Trade!
Let's quit lying to ourselves. 
It takes a special type of person to trade this forex stuff successfully. 

Unfortunately, not everyone can be this special person.

You may wish you could but with work, school, and of course at home responsibilities, the idea of spending the years of trial and error trading forex just seems impossible!

Wouldn't it be incredible if you could download those years of trial and error with the simple click of a mouse?

Well, the good news for you? You Can!
With the PipFuel Autotrader.
The PipFuel Autotrader is a state-of-the-art trading technology allowing you to mirror the exact trades our team of successful and professional traders take on a daily to weekly basis.

This software arms you with an elite trading army to safely grow your forex account hands-free, month after month.  

And the best part? We trade our own accounts and take on our own risk. If you don't gain, we don't gain.

It also doesn't make sense for us to take unfixable chances with our own money... so our risk management, is your risk management. 
The PipFuel Autotrader was made so people like you:
  •  ..who have a caveman level of financial background
  •  ..who have ZERO industry connections or experience
  •  ..who struggle with complex forex trading techniques
..Can drop the heavy lifting, and enjoy the profit.

Receive 70+ Hours Of Live Trade Examples & Coaching!

With the $1 activation charge, you'll automatically receive LIFETIME access to over 53 videos and 70+ hours of live trade examples to study while the AutoTrader grows your account for you! Don't want the autotrader? No problem! Keep the videos as a gift from us!

Exclusive Access to the Market Maker Facebook Community

Join hundreds of other Market Makers from all around the world who are learning, profiting, and sharing ideas on the financial markets! Receive immediate updates on market news and PipFuel announcements. 
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Frequently Asked Questions
How much money do I need?
How much you choose to fund your account with is completely up to you. We are not managing funds, only allowing you to mirror our trades. But please keep in mind that this is a $150/month subscription
Does the software automatically adjust my lot size?
Yes exactly. The software will take the exact same risk that was taken on our master account. The lot size adjustment is calculated for you for peace of mind. 
Does this only work with Metatrader?
Do I need a computer?
No! We will only need your Metatrader 4 information from your broker. We will be running your client software for you for convenience. Instructions are provided on how to do this. 
Can I pause/unsubscribe the software at any time?
Yes! You will receive access to the PipFuel Dashboard where you can manage your account.
How long does activation take?
Our mission is to have you actively receiving trades via the software within 24 hours or less. Due to times of backup, activation may take 24-48 hours
Will I need a VPN/keep my computer running?
Nope! We took all of the heavy lifting off of you so that you can sit back and relax. All we require are a few things to let us get you setup and then you're good to go!
What if I'm unsatisfied with my service? Can I cancel?
Yes of course. We'd obviously hate to see you go, but if for any reason you'd like to cancel your service please just shoot us an email at: [email protected]
My account is confirmed but I'm not seeing trades. What do I do?
Contact us immediately. 

Depending on the day that you are confirmed, you should see at least 1 or more trades opened each and every week. If you are not seeing trades there is an issue we need to explore. 

Which broker should I use?
Any broker that offers the Metatrader 4 platform can be used. If you do not have a broker, you can register for our recommended broker here
Which days will I see open trades from the software?
The market is open from Sunday 5pm EST until Friday 5pm EST.
You will normally see open trades from the autotrader anytime between Monday-Thursday; Depending on the opportunities in the market at the time. 
How much leverage should I have?
Our strategies are built for low risk, high reward so any leverage will do. However, our trading methods may require multiple trades to be taken at once so please check with your brokerage margin requirements and FIFO rules before making a decision
How many trades will the software take? Risk?
How many trades you receive will be based on current market conditions. Some weeks you may see 20+ trades were executed, others you may only see a few. We normally keep risk under 12%
Will I make money during the free trial?
We sure hope so, but of course we can't guarantee that you will. Good thing it's only a trial so if you do make money it will be for free ;)
Will I lose money?
Of course you will. The goal is to make more than you lose, which we've mastered. Please do not invest with money that you cannot afford to lose. Please reference our terms and conditions for more information
How much money can I make? Can I see a portfolio?
We currently have not released our portfolio to the public since this is a brand new service. After there has been more built up history we will release a public portfolio link. Please check back at a later date for direct access to our portfolio
Can I call someone?
Unfortunately no. Our call center is not accepting or returning calls for the PipFuel Autotrader at this time. 

If you have questions outside of the FAQ's, please chat/text us.

7-Day Trial!

You are subscribing to a 7-day trial to the PipFuel Autotrader. Your card will be charged $1 upon submission and a payment of $150 will be issued after the trial is complete. You have the right to cancel at anytime during or after the trial period.

Secure Payment

All orders are through a very secure network. Your credit card information is never stored in any way. We respect your privacy...
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